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Very interesting idea...

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Wow, the art's really beautiful... * starry eyes * Amazing... The story's also really interesting! Judging by the previews on Pixiv, the Remilia turned Sakuya into a vampire the first time they met. Because of that, she resented Remilia and tried to kill her many times, and that's why you've got the situation in the first chapter. Or something. Aah, I want to know more. I feel sorry for Remilia, she seems to have an unrequited (very obviously!) love for Sakuya.

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Another case where "Ongoing" appears to be a misnomer. It's been over two years since chapter 1, not holding out much hope for 2. But if anyone can find info, that'd be appreciated.

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Going to mark it Dropped as it's more or less been dropped by the scanlator.

Anyone interested in owning a copy though might be interested in this or the artist's full page. That box set looks pretty slick~

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It appears to be concluded:

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