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joined Apr 10, 2013

FUCK!! THIS ARE MANLY TEARS YOU HEAR?? cries uncontrollably

Ah... That was... sad...

joined Feb 2, 2013

this was really sad, on par with the end of disc1 of final fantasy 7

joined May 17, 2013

Poor Utsuho. She just wanted to make everybody smile. Instead she loses everything trying to protect Shitori, even being kicked while she's down by Orin coming back just to let her know she hates her.

Dark and edgy usually means "badly written", but this is one tale that manages to be a work of art.

joined Sep 7, 2017

...I still don't understand what happened to Satori. Was she truly dead? Or she lived in Koishi at this point? Ahhhhh, how I wish this doujin have book 2.How magnificent, how thrilling, how heartbreaking!

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