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2) Kinka totally does die from the train, and Kazura thinks that the curse has been lifted, and goes to off herself -- and then once they're both dead, the reset happens.

This would be quite good. Funny and dark.
Now we wait for Kinka's backstory.
Thanks for the chapter, it was damn great, as usual!

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It makes me really happy that multiple people read Yuhki Kamatani's manga because I recommended it here :D That series is one of the rare ones I've sought out physical copies of to have displayed on my bookshelf because it means so much to me.

Here's hoping this manga can be half as good? The second chapter only establishing "this wasn't a one time quirk" is a little disappointing though, of course it wasn't a one time quirk or we wouldn't have a story, we just learned something we'd assume to be true already. Aren't there more interesting questions you could focus on with this story author-san?

what in hell is that even supposed to mean?
like did you learn up until now in life that what you find interesting ain’t the same for others?

Yes, I am aware that there's plenty of people out there with minimal to no standards for fiction who would be happy with a chapter that's just spinning the plot's wheels, congratulations on being one of them if that's you. However, I am entitled to have my own more complex preferences that are different from (and superior to) yours, such as not wanting a story's pacing to stall out as early as chapter two.

This newest chapter was better. There's something that feels very off about the pacing but I suspect that's intentional, as they're deliberately attempting to speedrun finding closure to lifelong hangups. The talk of "lingering attachments" feels like they're thinking of themselves as ghosts even, which is fascinating.

adjusts glasses
"Heh, nothing personal kid my tastes are just too complex for you"

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This story is so interesting O_O..
I would never thought of how this turns out!

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