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What a truly funny note

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I really like how Honoka and her development compared to the anime has been shown here.

The dynamic between HonoUmi is really cute in this story.

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Always good to see this criminally under-represented ship get some love. :-)

Now if only we could get a little decent HonoUmi smut action going ...

I'm not asking for the world here.

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Aha, it’s a short one, but we got some HonoUmi! Yay!

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HonoUmi story, how adorable and rare but honestly Honoka really need to fuck Umi hard to remove that embarrassment considering how long they have been in a relationship together.

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Hey, it's super-sweet HonoUmi! I'm surprisingly fond of these two, considering the amount of KotoHono I've read.
I'm guessing mangaka was afraid to get yelled at by Umi and didn't even include a kiss :D

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I love the random add-on where Honoka just non-chalantly wants to start sexy time with Umi. This was adorable all the way through. They grow up so fast. Ironically, Umi not as much as Honoka lmao. I concur that Honoka needs to go hard on her

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