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I've always started reading this but then dropped it after a page or two, but am so glad I finished reading it all this time. It exceeded my expectations, so to say. Though I can't tell if am happy with the ending or not.

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A decent read and at some points I found it confusing. There are just too many characters that it follows at some points, but as it got to the last few chapters things start to pull together. Eventually it does have a nice ending. (Somewhat but I won't spoil it by explaining my reasoning.)

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the rapist just get away........

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I understand their situation but somehow it is sad... well I think that's good for them.

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This is a pretty brutal story, but kinda uplifting in the end.

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That was interesting.
It's not the ending you would hope for, but that is a way too simplistic way to put it, not all happy endings have only one way to end, so you aren't exactly used to it, but if you think about it, it's a happy one alright.
It's kinda the story of how all these women grow. Except for the guy. Guy is static af. We keep seeing all of them meet and intertwine their lives and that dude is just pointlessly dense and unchanging. He's basically there cus he changes plot and fucks up other people but him himself just remains the fucking same and never realises his faults and error and just. Ugh. Most frustrating piece of shit. In a way, he's not a bad person, but he's like an accumulation of insensitivity, pride and male privilege and was just absolute shit because he doesn't even realise how fuckin selfish he is. Omg he was so frustrating.
And the adult women, well, they weren't perfect either, but they really had their ups and downs. Progressed, deteriorated, made up, fell apart, but ultimately, in their own ways, are content and happy. At least I think Sawori/the tall one is alright, content with not settling down. We haven't seen that much for the high school girl, but it wasn't focused on her anyway, she was more of a catalyst for the others, bringing them together from time to time, but I liked her, she's come a realisation or two of her own and it was nice. They've all reached this certain kind of peace, and it's nice, it really is.
Except for the fuckwad tho, he's still as dense and moronic, even in the finale. He blindly went for what he thought was happiness (and that's generally fine) but what he think he wants is what he's told he's supposed to want. Wanting to get married is fine, but tfw you get dumped and immediately date and propose to another woman JUST to get married. Bruh. No. Ugh. Pls.
Ultimately he's unhappy and Idk if there's hope for him cus he's still as dense and clueless as he was 5 years ago, but at least he can start anew and figure things out, get his fucking shit together.

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it didnt end with romance but the ending was still satisfying. but i dont see the pleasure of girl pooping on floor

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Ultimately he's unhappy and Idk if there's hope for him cus he's still as dense and clueless as he was 5 years ago, but at least he can start anew and figure things out, get his fucking shit together.

On the flip side, I get a strong dose of that what-you-call-it German emotion when I know the serial rapist scumbag will have a miserable life. What's horrifying is he's not in jail and people like that go free too often. Couple that with people still believing you can't rape your wife because she's your wife, and we've still got a long way to go.

Edit: But hey, sometimes people like that run for President.

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This was a gorgeous read. The only two points I hate is that the rapist didn't receive any retribution, and a girl pooped and ate her shit.

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