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joined Jul 6, 2020

This is a cool concept, a secret underground cafe where robots and humans can both chill out, act as they want, and be seen as equals.

Although you gotta wonder who programmed them to have so much free will, only for society to turn around and treat them as emotionless objects. It doesn’t make a lot of sense.

joined Mar 31, 2013

Machine learning accidentally recreating emotions by trying to emulate social behaviors to make them more consumer-friendly and versatile isn't the most implausible thing.

Trying to be versatile and appeal to others because the benefits of socialization is basically how we ended up with the things in the first place, right?

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Oh man this is the manga to that movie Time of Eve, I love that movie so much

joined Jun 4, 2018

Man it's been 12 years since I saw the anime for this. The moment he sees her in that cafe still broadsides me like it did back then. Never have I felt more sorry for a robot than I did in that moment.

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