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joined Feb 2, 2013

i love miko suika,
and the ch.4 is the anti-racism's manifest manga: don't hate the race, but the individual

joined Feb 9, 2013
omg omg omg i cant stop laughing hahahahahahha omg omg omg stop plz it's too much!!

joined Apr 10, 2013

Man... This was hilarious! Can't get enough of them... Grinning like an idiot!

joined May 12, 2014

I'm on chapter seven. If there was a chapter of this that warranted the "What the fuck am I reading?" tag, this one would be it.

joined Oct 18, 2014

I hope there will be another chapter. This is really entertaining

joined Apr 22, 2017

Is this one still ongoing? I really hope for new chapter

joined Sep 6, 2020

It's ded as fuck

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