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AH! I really wanted to see the battle to the very end T-T Still I really enjoyed reading both parts :3

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This is so good. Great retelling and yuri to boot.

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While it's a pity that they didn't draw an Imperishable Night book.

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While it's a pity that they didn't draw an Imperishable Night book.

They should. It would be pretty interesting on how it would turn out.

orgies with demons, yes.

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Pages 84, 86, 87, and 97 of part two make me grit my teeth. I'm not going back to reread the other parts which are just as atrociously out of character. I figured out what bothered me so much about this and the PCB remake after reading SSiB. They feel wrong. Every single character feels wrong. It's like they're acting correctly (sometimes) but the spirit behind their actions is out of phase with who they are.

Remilia going into a dramatic monologue halfway through the fight and making a big deal about losing? She doesn't care about losing, she's playing. A comment Zun made about Remilia in EoSD (technically through Reimu) is her danmaku showed "The tricky trajectories are kind of like a child trying to play just a little longer." The entirety of SSiB and SWR is her doing something because she's bored. And it's not that she doesn't care about Gensokyo or Reimu, but she'd never swear allegiance to them in this way. Like what the hell, she's dedicating herself to Reimu moments after meeting her? Because Reimu's her type apparently? That's just...

And Flandre, she's not insecure as she's mostly depicted here. In EoSD she's excitable, curious, and doesn't know when to hold back. She is not afraid of her ability, because she has never been given reason to.

Reimu's twisted the most. There's too much to comment. The entire story bends her into something she's not. What she is, is simple, lazy, foolish, greedy (but not really), kind while acting like she doesn't care about anything, observant, intuitive, accepting, strong friends with Marisa, and powerful without acknowledging her power. That's who she is, not this emotionless dreadnought. Oh yeah and calling on Amaterasu? That's hilarious too, considering how godless a shrine maiden she is.


I could go on forever but I'll save that for my myself lol. I don't know why the remakes are so weird. Most of their other works are really good. Maybe they just do comedy with a touch of thematic tension better? I'll just never read these two doujins again.

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