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My apologies if this is not the appropriate place to post this. I thought that since Dynasty Scans primarily hosts yuri manga, perhaps the yuri community could band together for this. If this is not the right place, please delete this post.

Anyway, inori. (いのり。), who is the author for “I Favor the Villainess” (web novel/light novel/manga), is currently facing financial hardships due to her gas water heater suddenly breaking down. She has been quoted for 340,000 yen to replace it (she has explained that it is impossible to repair it), which is around $3200 USD. She lives incredibly frugally as it is (information that she has publicly shared), so this is going to take a huge dip into her savings.

Here is her Twitter page, where you can find details of her posting about the situation:

She has set up a Ko-fi page for herself, where you can donate to this cause if you are willing to, which you can find here:

Any amount would be highly appreciated. Of course, you don’t need to donate at all. I’m sure just sending a few tweets her way or spreading the word would make her very happy!

Thank you all very much for your continued support.

(Hope to see you all when chapter/arc 15 of the light novel drops~)

P.S. As long as this thread is allowed to be up, any bumps (not spam though) would also be appreciated if possible!

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I'm sure this series is good enough to even get an anime adaptation, but if the author can't even work in this in peace, it's a huge problem, so yeah let's support her until that time comes !!

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You can also subscribe to her Pixiv if you want to, it has a minimum of 100 yen a month so nearly everyone should be able to afford it (you can pay more if you want to)

If you subscribe you can read the novel chapters about a week before they are released and you can also read a few NSFW chapters

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Thank you for posting! A good cause.

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Agreed, thanks for the post. It's worth noting that she's now offering an exclusive chapter to anyone who donates to her ko-fi page, as a thank you for the support.

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