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Lol- poor Marisa! How come everyone but her gets to be with Alice?

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Poor Marisa. Also, that last page was unexpected lol; someone's been reading too much Taiyaki

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Is that her mom on the last panel lol?

p.s I am assuming these are not sequential but different realities/versions?
If it was sequential she would be just teasing/winding Marisa up with their help not seriously dating all of them or having dated them one after another?

Its not some meme or joke reference I don't know is it?

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It made me laugh hard)))
Alice got her revenge after someone stole her precious thing right ? ;))

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I'm sorry, Marisa. I love Emilia.

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I think they're sequential. Marisa says "Stop it already" on the third page. Her extreme WTF reaction also makes the most sense if she's seen Alice with these other people and now Shinki too.

Marion Diabolito
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Alice is a good daughter.

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