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If the doc is a robot how come she's hailed as the "rare genius"? Guess it's a secret from people? If so why, what's the point of keeping it a secret, and why are they both robots? So many questions that will never get answered lol.

These questions and more are all addressed in the novel mentioned in the thread

Yes, "Do Androids..." is a really amazing novel. It isn't even all that long. The 'Bladerunner' movie takes roughly 1/3 of the novel's content. There is indeed a lot more 'stuff' there!

electronic systems can be repaired or replaced

Not if they're broken badly enough. Not if they cost too much to be worth it.

Consider cars built in 1963: how many of them are still on the road? Yet I remain!!! (By the power of yuri!)

DR2 Hajime Hinata
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What's the point of her saying "I don't care if she's a robot, I still love her" if they are both robots though

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That's so cute, two robots in love, awwwwwwie.

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daaamn it's so cutee

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