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I'd like to think that they will continue living happily ever after. :)
It was short but that didn't feel rushed at all.

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I really like how Japanese confess their feeling to another person... 'They meet up' and tell them how much they love them... I mean like, it's like an old school... Sending letters and stuff... XD. I didn't see stuff like this in my country...

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The sequel to this is translated and up on sadpanda for anyone interested.

Well, now it's here too. :)

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Aw, that was romantic and nice.

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There is just something about Jun's style that is so bold, that amazing black and white contrast, those eyes. I can't help but be entranced by it.

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Sex with glasses on.
Is more eyes too see;

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Artist from Gamma huh.
I was actually really getting into it, but then it just had too many cliches and cringes... A real shame. I mean, from simple kissing and just jumping to French kiss and sex in one go, the scissoring finish, the one 'inexperienced' person -which isn't necessarily bad but it wasn't executed as well here-, tbh the second half just missed the subtility the first half had. (I would say fast paced, but well this is a one-shot).
But y'know, despite all that I still enjoyed it, especially the first half. And i'll give them kuddos for not including a scene from class where because they've grown so close everyone suspects the gay and throws them away. So yeah some good some bad but overall noice

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Dang woman, take your glasses off before you start eating a girl out

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The story was very cute but holy hell, was the sex part cringeworthy!
I just don't find it very believable a high school girl has no idea about masturbation or sex lol

I only knew girls could masturbate, too, when I was already in college.

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i always like me some dominant megane

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