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I cannot read this work with a straight face knowing the author's other works.

This manga is a serious assault on my suspension of disbelief. Sekihan drawing a SFW manga of grown up girls building cars?

Every time I turn a page I wonder if it's all just a practical joke, and we're going back to little girls peeing on each other again.

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Nice, this guy/girl deserves a SFW series!

not that I mind the other works

Why wait so much time before validating it? Was it lost in the archives?

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Yeah like all I knew Sekihan for was savage loli porn until I saw this.

But the more solid moe car manga, the better!

Why wait so much time before validating it? Was it lost in the archives?

Maybe it was considered too obscure and not yuri enough. I know Dynasty has a lot of non-yuri, but maybe it just wasn't submitted until recently.

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Watersports and butthole fetishes are all fine and dandy, but we need more of this right here. This is damned good. Cute girls, nice old cars, and excellent art.

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At least, thanks to Sekihan's other works, we know what these girls get up to in their spare time

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Loli shit! I mean..... who cares what I mean... erherm, so Seki does wholesome non loli based stories? And it's not just me surprised based on the other comments. Anyone else see him namedrop maxicool on one of the girls shirts? Wholesome but still enough of a hentai to namedrop a baddass grot lolicon mangaka like himself/herself. It's good so far! Well done Seki!

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So she has goggles that give her the magical ability to see in colour

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