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hjyfun posted:

I thought they would do it in the shower... you know with the

Does that actually work? It doest seem to work for me though... Were is my gay friend I can pay for? :c

...i can confirm it does sometimes, but its a waste of water lol

Well, it's the faster way to get them wet !!!

Edit: ._.)

I get the best orgasms with the shower, so the shower is a favorite! I got 11 orgasms in like 45 minutes once, was pretty sore after xD So I can confirm it works!

Omg... teach me! like I would see this in the movies and I tried it one time and I felt like an idiot because it had no effect and yeah tots a waste of water.

You need a shower that has multiple settings, one that can make a single straight beam, find the setting that works for you. But I do have to warn you, this is addictive! ;)

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By the way, I actually can't understand how some guys can even try to make it without touching the girl before.

Why do you think a guy would know that you need to do that? From their point of view they think its always moist, it's inside someone's body after all. Also remember that in Japan non-censored pornography is illegal so you can't even see the vagina in most porn...

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The second part of this is up on the artist's Twitter, if anyone wants to read it.

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Sex is thing for weirdos.
Will stay celibate forever.

Agreed, let's (not) do this together!

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