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Should this be linked to since it's the same person ?
For proof, I guess their pixiv page showing the illustration of Nettaigyo wa Yuki ni Kogareru is enough...

OrangePekoe Staff
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Yeah, it checks out. I'll merge them, thanks~!

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This artist seems to have deleted all of her works not related to Nettaigyo from Pixiv, Twitter and her blog. Though there's still a list of her old doujins on the blog, there aren't any pictures or summaries or whatnot, just links:

Not sure why - maybe it's because she was starting her new series and wanted a "clean slate"? Or because she was annoyed by people reposting it to other websites - there's a short message on her Pixiv profile about that. Either way, it's pretty disappointing, seeing as she made so much yuri in the past.

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Please update Makoto-sensei's Twitter:

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