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joined Nov 14, 2016

Kohagura never disappoints, I hope we get chapter 2 soon.

joined Feb 9, 2016

Waah! I kept clicking but there were no more pages! T.T thank you to whoever translated this!! So cute!

joined Dec 7, 2014

(* - *)

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joined Jan 10, 2017

What's with the horrific glow lines? Next time maybe don't draw with the worst tool on the planet, whatever it is.

joined Nov 23, 2014

As cute as the various NanoFate doujins about them getting together are, to me setting their "official" move from friends to lovers shortly before StrikerS just feels right timing-wise. Good stuff from Kohagura.

joined Jul 20, 2011

Aren't those flashbacks a symptom of PTSD? Poor Fate.

joined Apr 9, 2013

Thank you for sharing this! Glad to read to Kohagura again.

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