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Nezchan Moderator
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"Check 'em out"

Oh I am, Mako. Believe me, I am.

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"Check 'em out"

Oh I am, Mako. Believe me, I am.

*Like *!! :D

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joined Jul 20, 2011

Oh my, this one is SO good. I had read ch.4 already long ago and the rest is equally awesome.

I actually roflmaod at ch.4 when Makoto performs a Fastball Special with Minako on the pool.

joined Feb 23, 2014

This feels like something that would actually be in the anime lol

I like that they brought up the fact that mamoru is dating a 15 years old when he is in college lol

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Kitsune Inari
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Does ch.3 exist?

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Tuxedo Mask being a lolicon.
Can't be anymore canon.

drpepperfan Admin
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Does ch.3 exist?

Dunno if you'll see this, cause late reply. But Chapter 3 is a Princess Maker 2 doujin, not sailor moon. (And noones translated it.)

This was hilarious.

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I appreciated all the Mako-chan fanservice ohyesidid. Pity Ami didn't seem to notice though.

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