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joined Jan 31, 2013

Mugi cutness is unbearable >.< I can never get enough Mugi ! NEVER!

joined Jan 30, 2013

She's amazing.

joined Feb 17, 2013

Thanks for this :) was both fun and cute! Everyone mostly focuses on Mio, Azunyan and Yui - which I understand, but Mugi sure is cute too.

joined Apr 22, 2013

More Mugi is always fabulous. And in Miyabi's style she's a thousand times cuter!

joined Sep 19, 2015

haha cant stop laughing with mugi selling them :)

joined Oct 30, 2015

I can't stop laughing... mio x ritsu the best

T S U M U G I - F I L T ER - A C T I V E

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joined Jul 9, 2016

T S U M U G I - F I L T ER - A C T I V E

Everything about your post is hilarious

joined Mar 3, 2017

Tsumugi filters are expensive! I'm gonna have to save up if I wanna replace my old Yuri Goggles...

joined Mar 3, 2017

On a side note, where does Mugi-chan purchase all her Yuri detection equipment?

joined Aug 20, 2016

Is the last chapter planning to be done?

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