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I don't know why, but i love this manga too much.. That I wish both of them have another story >.<
Thank you for making it up, dynasty.. :)

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Yuri Project
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Not to mention Morinaga.

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Thank you for making it up, dynasty.. :)

You're going to drive Phyis insane.

I mean, thank you for dynasty-scans because you guys upload this manga here :)
Sorry 'bout that :D

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Not to mention Morinaga.

Sure. Always thanking Morinaga sensei, great mangaka.. Can't wait for her another manga :D
and thanks to Yuri Project too..
You are all awesome... Great job. Highly appreciate it ^________________^

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I feel like every doujin morinaga has a character that looks exactly like mari from girlfriends

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It probably does. When a mangaka creates a character design it unlikely ever changes. All they do is alter specific characteristics like hair color and length, personality, etc... That's how you can tell an artists' work just by looking at the characters. If you're familiar with their character design that is.

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Actually, I thought this was sort of like a reversed version of the characters from Kisses, Sighs, etc.

There are good manga artists out there who don't have identical-looking characters, though. Part of the problem, I think, is manga styles are often informed by anime, which highly simplifies characters due to the demands of animation in general. It's a lot easier for artists on the more "cartoony" side like Morishima Akiko to do it through exaggeration or more "realistic" (in terms of faces and such at least) artists like Asagi Ryuu who can put in the details that separate the designs more.

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I love this one shot a lot. Too bad there's no bonus to it lol

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I don't know why I'm saying this, but I edited this chapter as a school project. I got a B.

But, aah, reading this again is making me feel nostalgic in a great way. Such a cute couple.


But this is not, it's got a publisheeeeer.

I love this one shot a lot. Too bad there's no bonus to it lol

It is pretty nice indeed, but I'd say that Morinaga's stuff is always generally nice. I don't think I'd be disappointed if she brings out new couples, instead of revisiting old ones. Although, if she ever did bring back an old couple ala "Kisses, Sighs and Cherry Blossom Pink", I have to say that I'd probably want it to be this one. They are in a really interesting possition, and have so much ahead of them.

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Why no show the kiss at the end???? Nooo!!!!

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refreshing!! Luv it! need sequel~

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joined Feb 5, 2013 freakin' innocent and cute! :3 nice to see ones like this once in a while lololol

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i re-read this again. :) and gives me warm and fuzzy feelings. :) great work of morinaga milk. and yes, i wish there were more of this!

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of course I agree with everyone else, I would have liked to see more!! totally like that "oh, they're about to kiss thing at the end :)

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I will never, ever get tired of this oneshot. I don't know how many times I've reread this, but it never gets old. ;)

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I'm still hoping this to have a continuation....after all these years ...

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Doubt it will have a continuation after seeing the ending to Secret Recipe. But nice to have confirmation on this finally :)

satsuki matoi
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So dam pure love love lovvvve it

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I want moar!!

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man gotta love the author and yuri project now mangas like this make my day

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I like the couple, and how they confess each others love. I have no doubt about there love since time pass by and there's nothing change about their feelings but because it was very interesting. I wish it was put into a series.

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Iwasa is to pure for this world!

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Morinaga strikes again. Would love to see more of these two, but this is also just fine as it is. ^_^

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I will never, ever get tired of this oneshot. I don't know how many times I've reread this, but it never gets old. ;)

Same here Y Y Always one of my favourite one-shot.

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