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joined Nov 20, 2015

First... lol...

Is this serialized?
One shot and an extra are not enough.. The story is nice n the comedy suits to my sense...
Urgg... i demand more...

joined Jan 19, 2016

I dont understaaaaaaaaaaaaaand

joined Nov 2, 2013

I want more! I've already grown so attached to these characters. I love how gay Kijima is and I have a feeling only lesbians can see the ghost lol.

joined Nov 14, 2015

This was interesting...but too short

joined Mar 30, 2015

Didn't expect such melancholic endings given how comic the chapters started out :'-(

joined Dec 27, 2014

I don't really understand... But i kind of do... Idk

joined Dec 14, 2014

I would have liked to see genki Hoshino-senpai in the background on Hanafusa's end.

joined Sep 30, 2016

Wow. Earlier I was thinking about writing poetry. Then, I was reading a literaly critic. After that, I read Secret Honey's Absolute Territory by Comacu, a story about a black haired sempai that pays a visit to the library with anothef short haired girl. And then this. It's a library combo, I think.

joined Jun 27, 2014

That was cute and funny, especially with how accidentally perverted Kijima was. A nice change from the typically sad ghost yuri on the site.

joined Aug 19, 2018

Darn, no real end. It was okay, but it just seemed like it was the opening for series. Oh well

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