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Fangs on the bottom on page 1. I did not know how much I wanted this. I think we see more of that in the next chapter.

Beautiful art as always, the behavior is escalating.

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Collectors discussion 30 Jul 21:45
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Hasn't he met them, knowing they're a couple in a previous chapter?

It's possible but since the releases are some time apart my memory can't handle this sort of data retrieval.

Collectors discussion 30 Jul 21:06
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I love how the husband is totally cool (and in fact endlessly amused) with Naomi's weird lesbian friends.

He's calm and collected, just sipping his drink. He also seem to be (granted it's only 2 panels, but we probably won't see him again) one of those characters that suffers from the "closed eyes" syndrome. Even worst, he appears to be smiling.

We all know what that means, pray that no one ever finds out.

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Shiny hair is shiny.

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Planescape: Torment Enhanced Edition has been announced! Any excuse to replay that game I'll happily accept.

I wonder if there's going to be several improvements to the UI/Combat. This is the biggest issue with the game in my opinion. It's not very good to "play".

A lot of times I've tried recommending Planescape Torment to younger people or someone my age who might've missed it back in the day and sometime it's just to "outdated" to be enjoyable.

Although I love the game a lot, it could use a bit of a touch-up especially in that area.

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Anime season 28 Feb 16:39
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Wait, there's yuri in that? Now I'm interested. What is this "crazy gambling manga"? Never heard of it. It's not on Dynasty, I gather?


Anime season 27 Feb 13:39
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I should've seen this sooner.

Crazy gambling manga is getting an anime adaptation!

It's getting an anime? I hope the crazy faces are going to be as good as in the manga.

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Maybe a vampire is just a vampire. Maybe he lied to her, and he's actually killed thousands of humans over the centuries and loves doing stuff for shits and giggles.
Maybe vampires are cold, cruel, brutal and savage beings.
Maybe vampire are actually sacred and should not be turned into "cute" things. One can hope right? ;_;

Freud, not allegedly this time, also said that we all want to kill our father and have sex with our mother. [The opposite for girls].
Not sure if we should blindly follow what he said ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Freud had a lot of "funny" ideas indeed.

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Image Comments 01 Feb 15:32
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That gaze!

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I'm pretty sure no one hates Nez.

Wasn't there that one user ages ago that just had to spew vile things when uploads weren't yuri or when there was a possibility of some "het shenanigans"? That user was pretty nutty. Although it's probably from before your join date.

so there's nothing that goes against her job here.

Hence why I said "for doing her job". She's doing it, but not everyone is always happy. It goes with the territory.

Although, dynasty being dynasty it's is the tamest forum I've ever encountered.
It's all warm and fuzzy just like the content on the site.

It's just when people go overboard that I think intervention happens.

Absolutely, it's just people have a different opinion of what overboard is in any given scenario. There's only a few clear-cut guidelines the rest is up to what we call "common sense" or as the late US Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart would put it : "I know it when I see it".

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^ Incredible, clickbait titles follow me even here... How can we escape?

Bunnies are for sweet cuddling.

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I mean, Being harsh & insulting is NOT how you change someone's mind.

The thing is, a lot of people don't want to change somebody's else mind. But berating others is A-OK.

Yeah, They take one look at the News & they're automatically Anti-cop/Anti-Straight-White-Male/etc. They should really get some more info before they take side's so quickly.

Yes this is the identity world I was alluding to, people REALLY like labels because it helps people categorize which people they dislike or don't want to interact with.
This is just the extension of what people do when they see a particular individual and they decide for X reason that it's best they cross the street to go on the other sidewalk.

And then their next step is spreading the "Truth" about how you're Pro-Nazi/Pro-KKK/Pro-ISIS/Pro-(insert hate crime group here) just because you expressed some political view that they aren't happy with.

Well one could say the Obama administration is Pro-ISIS since they were supplying "rebels" against Assad. But that would not be the whole picture. Still, I'm not sure what they were thinking. Must be all those phone calls Kissinger gave the state department them on how to do foreign policy.

From one Nobel Peace Prize winner to the next eh? The world agrees with the United States, dropping bombs leads to peace.

I think People being able to tweet their Opinion on some current subject so quickly. That's one of the greatest wonder's of technology. But what you're describing is how the situation got out of hand.

Yes it's quite convenient. Twitter, the internet and all prior means of communication that is faster than sending a letter and waiting for months is what allowed the world to come together and all those scientific heads feeding each other ideas. There's a reason why there was so much technological advancement during the 20th centuries compared to BC---->19th century.

But there's a downside to this. People want it fast, they want it now and that's doubly true for "news". But that comes at the expense of fact-checking and quality control. Journalists want to deliver to the consumers, because consumers are kings. But they can't have their cake and eat it too, something has to give in order to get all this "breaking news".

I don't even think Twitter is meant for "Debate's" or some other shit like that.

It is, but if you're JonTron or some sort of "celebrity" with many followers. Which platform are you going to use to get your opinion out? The anwer is obvious. Personally I would direct them to Twitlonger, write what you want and then post the link.

Ah meme's, What would the internet do without them? They play a big part in our culture. Taking a meme seriously can say a lot about a person's character.

Yeah, I was trying to find a good way to drop the feminism conversation. I was just trying to find out what the whole hate on Jontron was about. Then it turned into a giant discussion on the topic of SJW's, Man I really drag conversations out for to long. Its a bad habit of mine T_T

You didn't follow my advice tsk tsk... I did not mention any particular group, but you did an Nez had to chastise you. You have a lot to learn young padawan.

Okay, I know I'm not terribly welcome in the Café

An off-topic thread where people feel more comfortable going off the beaten paths and a mod do not go hand in hand. One group aims to have diverse discourse while the other seeks to control and/or restrain it.

tfw you're hated because of your job. Hang in there!

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Most of those tweets were sarcasm. Its kind of hard to believe that he's really a "racist/sexist/xenophobic bigot", I think that some of these people are overreacting y'know. I mean, He's labeled as a member of the KKK because he expresses his distaste with the Protests of the Election? That's pretty ridiculous if you ask me.

But it's the "Women's March", if you're not supporting the entirety of the platform or members and the actions and methods of said members than you're obviously a sexist bigot. /s Adding the sarcasm tag because it's the internet, you never know

The thing a lot of people are ignorant/dumb so causes and positions are being dealt and discussed in generalities instead of being respectfully treated as complex issues as most are. People in general have strong beliefs even when they're not remotely informed about particular subjects, it's a bad mix.

This is why you see a lot of insults or labels being thrown around by all the different camps when they perceive someone is not firmly in their group.
"Oh, you're criticizing X? You're supporting Y?
Well you must be a Nazi/Liberal/X because only THOSE kind of people would have this opinion."

It's mudslinging and bringing down the discourse level.

The problem is compounded by the accessibility and speed of social media and online news. How many times has there been a breaking story and everyone is hashtagging on tumblr/twitter/facebook with their take on it?

People get enraged, argue, make big walls of text and then lo and below, an update comes up a few hours later/the day after and it turns out the actual situation was completely different and their whole rant is basically just hot air about a now known to be fictional situation.

As for me, I tend to not engage in debates too deeply when I feel like I am not informed enough to make a clear cut position on the subject. A lot of people don't, and that's why you see badly constructed arguments. Twitter is the worst offender of all. Users tweet 140 characters of text with little to no reread and it just flows out without proper filter.

Edit: Oh and memes, don't forget about em'

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JonTron hasn't caught up on what to do in this current identity warfare internet world. A common mistake.

He rails against a certain sub-group of individuals in a larger group. But nowadays, if you bash members of X group, somehow it quickly becomes an attack on all individuals of the larger group. Because reasons.

The correct approach is to ignore the (perceived) ignorant/bigot(s) within that group. Like this you don't get attacked by XYZ defense squad. So far, worked out pretty good for me. People being angry at you isn't all that cool.

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As for the controversy with Jontron, he appeared on Sargon of Akkad's stream. Apparently he expressed some political view and people didn't like it or something. I haven't seen the stream because it's 5 hours long. Here's the link if you want to see it.

I wouldn't be willing to watch a 5 hour long stream either. Is there a direct quote from Jontron from the stream that has everyone angry at him?
The relevant tweets of the newest drama are the last batch.

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I still reread it every time it pops up in the featured chapter slot.

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looks generic. don't suit her twisted old man personality.
tanya is tj reincarnated as loli......

Doesn't look generic at all, it's an extreme moment of happiness.
If you look at other illustrations in the manga/LN you can see that Tanya has the poker face pretty much 24/7 especially when interacting with other officers as to not let show the inner thoughts.

Yet every once in a while, Tanya can't help but show some extreme emotions in some way. It's to illustrate how unhinged this little loli is. It's rare that you see emotions on Tanya's face outside of battles.

Also I can't help but think of this song :

Anime season 24 Jan 09:55
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Also. My Tanya can't be this cute. There is no way that my Tanya can be this cute!!

What a face. Imagine if that was the face the man did back on earth each time review time and he knew he got one inch closer to landing that prized director of X division he was aiming for. Damn you X, there was a plan! Now every time Tanya has a plan, it backfires xD

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what is the odds that there might be yuri in atheist vs god anime?
after all it is a guy in lolis body..

Probably none, he's too unhinged for romance. Tanya wants to retire to a comfortable life, people generally come with their problems. Not conclusive to a peaceful and ordered retirement.

Then you have X.

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I recommend the LN/Manga because we get to see more about Tanya's train of thought and how the actions are perceived by others compared to what the intent actually was.

It's definitely much more wild inside Tanya's head, hard to fit everything in.

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My prediction is all the gimmicky launch games tossed together to show off the new technology will be utterly forgotten within three months. Then maybe a year or even two later, someone will come up with some decent games that take advantage of it.

That kind of sounds familiar. I am reminded of how the early launch titles of Xbox One and PS4 were a bunch of graphical showcases of the machines instead of actually mechanically polished games. Except it felt like it took longer than a year or two before the good stuff came in.

This cycle has been pretty much present in previous consoles as well. I only bought my PS3 at launch because, even if it were costly it was still cheaper than just a vanilla blu-ray reader and was a console as well. Those were crazy days.

This is why I just bought my PS4 bundle this Christmas. Unless someone was a big fan of X game or did not have a PC able to run current games then there's not that much incentive to buy at/or close to launch.

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I can't understand why japanese mangaka constantly refer to the U.S when they want to show a place where same-sex marriage is legal.

They're just misinformed about the world in general and only know of the U.S. superficially because... well it's the number one superpower.

Yaoi manga has it right from what I've seen...I'm not the most avid reader of Yaoi but Canada seems well represented from married couple(s) to exchange student/worker love interests. It was pretty funny to see my country so prevalent like that. We're usually left behind by our southern neighbor when it comes to being mentioned by mangakas. It's either the U.S. or an European country, but rarely Canada.

As a Canadian I would be proud of this except that it was never legislated. Our politicians kind of knew we had to do something about it for years but were too gutless, so finally it got taken to court and the Supremes said the Constitution implies gays have equal rights like everyone else, so they get to marry. And the politicians were sort of "Thank God, it happened without us having to take any principled stands on anything."

Probably why we're "respected" a lot on the issue of gay marriage. We were pretty early, and it was pretty low key. The supreme court did it's thing and people just shrugged and continued life as usual. A lot of countries had an impressive amount of bigots come out of the woodwork during the process of same-sex marriage legalization but from my memory this wasn't the case in Canada.

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Same here. Demo was.....okay.

Just hope my first FF action RPG won't disappoint :(

I know that there was many concerns when it came to the battle system, many deemed it clunky. But since so many people pointed many aspects of it that were possibly wrong I have hopes that most of it will be fixed.

But I am wary as well, Japanese developers in general aren't very experienced in more open world games/rpgs.

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I'm just hyped for Final Fantasy 15. Looks good.

I have not looked into any FF15 news since we've had the demo a while back. I just don't want anything spoiled, hopefully I will be pleasantly surprised and not disappointed in the final product.