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For works involving a Villainess. The Villainess aspect should be played up significantly in the title, summary, or story itself. May be used independently of the Isekai tag, should be paired with the Isekai tag where relevant.

The Villainess Wants to Teach a Lesson by Kotatsu (kota2comic) Original Doujin released Dec 19 '22 Comedy Glasses Love triangle Maid Yuri
The Heroine with Exceptionally High Resistance to the Villainess by Kotatsu (kota2comic) and yakitomato Original Doujin released Aug 8 '22 Fantasy Reversal Yuri
The "Villainess's" Engagement Annulment, Or An Account of the "Dark Saintess" ~another story~ by Fujiyama and Murasaki released Jan 27 '21 Drama Fantasy Historical
My Friendship Route With the Villainess by Hoshina Satoya and Taikoban released Jan 26 '21 Drama Fantasy Het Historical Isekai
My Best Friend's Engagement was Annulled. I Need To Do My Best To Stop It! ...But I Was The Reason Behind It... by Wani and naturalsoft released Dec 12 '20 Bisexual Childhood friends Fantasy Het Insane Amounts of Title Isekai Polyamory Yuri
Milady Looked Extremely Troubled When Her Engagement was Annulled, so I Stepped In to Help Her by Ooba Soto and Ringoame Tsuin released Dec 1 '20 Drama Historical Maid Yuri
The Heroine's Capture Target is... by Kawano Akiko and yui/south² released Nov 2 '20 Childhood friends Historical Isekai Yuri