Yuri Hime Vol 6 — Ongoing


Issue 6 of Yuri Hime magazine. Many of the same mangaka return, though not Morinaga Milk, unfortunately.

The fifth installment of Morishima Akiko's YurixYuri Observation Diary is about cultural festivals at girls' schools.
"Chatting in our Pajamas" is the first installment of Kazuma Kowo's ongoing student-teacher romance series. Kiyo is in love with her friend Nanao, but knows that Nanao is already with someone else.
In chapter 2 of Fujieda Miyabi's Chatting at the Amber Teahouse, Seriho explains how she is like a teapot and Sarasa is like a cosy.
As you can guess from the title, Hakamada Mera's "The Boundary Between Archer and Scorpion" deals with astrology.
Chi-Ran's "The Yuri Cage" is about a girl who buys a "yuri cage" with a strange little girl inside.
In the second part of Zaou Taishi and Eiki Eiki's "Little Red Riding Hood Strikes Back," Fuyuka seeks advice from Akiho.
In chapter 3 of Nangoku Banana's Heart-Pounding Excitement at Mononoke Girls' Academy, Arare attends her first class at Mononoke Girls' Academy.
In Kindaichi Renjuurou's "Mermaid Line: Yukari and Mayuko," Yukari starts a pretend relationship with her friend Mayuko after Mayuko's heart gets broken.
In Takahashi Mako's "Splinters of Rock Candy," a girl worries over what to get her friend.
In chapter 8 of First Love Sisters, by Shinonome Mizuo and others, Chika and Haruna's classes work together to prepare for the festival.

Other manga in this volume include: Cycling Under a Starlit Sky, Apple Day Dream chapter 1, and Nanami and Misuzu chapter 6. We'll also be scanlating the Yurimm Fairy Tale from this volume, "Tsunderella."
We will NOT be scanlating Apple Day Dream chapter 1 or Nanami and Misuzu chapter 6.
We WILL be scanlating Cycling Under a Starlit Sky and Tsunderella.

YurixYuri Observation Diary ch05 by Morishima Akiko released Aug 13 '08 Comedy Yuri
Pure Water Adolescence: Chatting in Our Pajamas by Kazuma Kowo released Aug 25 '08 Age gap Drama Glasses Romance School life Student x Teacher Yuri
Chatting at the Amber Teahouse ch02 by Fujieda Miyabi released Dec 18 '08 Age gap Co-worker Romance Slice of life Yuri
The Boundary Between Archer and Scorpion by Hakamada Mera released Jan 1 '09 School life Yuri
The Yuri Cage by Chi-Ran released Jan 2 '09 Supernatural Very large size gap Yuri
Little Red Riding Hood Strikes Back Part B by Eiki Eiki and Zaou Taishi released Jan 13 '09 Comedy Drama NSFW Romance Yuri
Heart-Pounding Excitement at Mononoke Girls' Academy ch03 by Nangoku Banana released Mar 10 '09 Animal ears Comedy Ecchi Fantasy Isekai Monster girl NSFW Romance Yuri
Mermaid Line ch05: Yukari and Mayuko by Kindaichi Renjuurou released Mar 26 '09 Adult life Drama Het NSFW Yuri
Splinters of Rock Candy by Takahashi Mako released Jun 15 '09 Aaaaaangst Drama School life Yuri
Cycling Under a Starlit Sky by Otsu Hiyori released Sep 19 '13 Romance School girl Yuri