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News related to this series: Saki Achiga-hen Episode of Side-A anime will be extended from 15 to 16 episodes!
Haha, yeah, it's just one more, but still! Director Manabu Ono also said that these four additional special episodes are longer than the typical episode format, so these four episodes are as long as five or six regular episodes.


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The last page of chapter 3 seems to be corrupt or nonexistant or something like that. it doesn't load and on the sidebar its just named, "ѦѦ".

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Filename encoding issue. But it's just an image, not part of the story, so you haven't missed anything. And we'll rerelease those chapters soon anyway.

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I almost squealed when I saw toki

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Cute chapter...I guess Akko ships Kuro x Yuu XD

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Can a Saki tag be added to this manga?

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