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Hi Mr / Ms Comaku, Just now I've finished reading your manga "Is My Hobby Weird?" And I was wondering how long Will your manga be. I do love the characters and I think that If you put on some drama It would be a fully succes. Perhaps I do not know if more people around the world would like It. Until now It's focusing on ecchi and I actually love it and I just wanna ask for something. Could you add more characters? I'm so sorry If I'm being rude to you and to your masterwork I do not know how things in your work are gonna be and the way It's goung Is just too awesome and amazing, you just can't stop reading but I actually thing more characters and a little bit more drama, maybe some romance would make It more interesting but don't get too worried this Is just one of your thousand fans oppinion.

Sorry for all the trouble

PD: I'm waiting anxiously the next chapter <3

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I wonder what's up with the Great Comaku-sensei these days, all I've been seeing on the Twitter feed are game-like sketches, that wounds my heart, there it goes a master yuri mangaka

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Has there been any word of Comaku finding a new publisher yet?

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comaku and sakaki nagaco seem to be the same artist...? sakaki’s twitter has comaku in the twitter handle and comaku’s pixiv shares some of the same art seen on the twitter.

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Happy to see she/he has an serialization, sad it's not yuri, even more sad he/she has been working for quite some time in different stuff

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