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Mahou Tsukai no Yome

I really liked the way he rephrased "sickeningly sweet" ^_^

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Almost everyone has changed their avatars since posting here, so the images don't match their words.

My 1st choice was Someone/Anonymous from Our Dreams at Dusk/Shimanami Tasogare, but the best image of them used too much memory space. So instead I have Nakaruru (& Mamahaha) from Samurai Shodown/Spirits--she's a good fit as well.

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Originally - I drew an anarchist flag in the background, drew my countryball avatar (which is basically just a countryball with my design for a flag of the Balkan Federation (itself a slightly changed rip-off of KGVale's Balkan Empire flag) with my initials in blue on it), with a smile.

Since I've slightly changed it by adding a small pansexual flag after coming out, making it so it seems my countryball avatar is waving it.

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