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joined Dec 14, 2014

Re-reading this after a long time I am confused if this a happy ending or arranged marriage ending.

Is "The final choice is up to you." code for "You have to do it?"
joined May 7, 2014

Just hoping it was an science baby...

joined Aug 12, 2020

.... this doujin makes me feel weird (considering that I found out this was a “countination” of another one from e-hentai and that it also include flip-phones... even if merry and Renko are from the future... I guess it was because technology in our world wasn’t as “modern” as it is today?)

joined Jun 5, 2020

Needs a het tag or something, what garbage

joined Nov 13, 2022

Wouldn't call it garbage, but yeah... Not my cup of tea either. Though I like the art, the story has a poor aftertaste, given that the arranged marriage future is heavily implied by Merry's visions. And the part near the end where they discuss the baby's name? That's borderline NTR.

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