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joined Oct 27, 2013

I find this adorable but also a tad bit weird. Cute, but creepy.

Also anyone else thing this should have a Lynette x Miyafuji tag? I would suggest it but I don't know how to create a completely new tag as that one doesn't exist.

Nezchan Moderator
joined Jun 28, 2012

I love how invested Lynette is in her relationship with Yoshika in this. It rivals the main couple at times.

joined Mar 21, 2014

For anyone wondering if there is more: yes and no.
Chapters 3 and 4 can be found in Finnish over at e-hentai and also the original Japanese raws for the rest of the series. I'll be continuing my translation work the earliest in June. I hope someone picks up the project for me... If not, you can still count on me!


Ghost in the Shell
joined Jul 30, 2013

Yup, weird, but cute. And also hilarious, e.g. the author's comment regarding page 13: "The sun began to shine just at the right time so I could sell this to all ages"

Btw, in Germany it is also common for men and women to go to the sauna together. Public saunas sometimes have a women only sauna as well, but there's always mixed areas, too. So it's not even just family, yup, you see strangers naked. Plus, you don't wrap in towels or wear bathing clothes (both would not be ideal for heat circulation, potentially unhealthy/risky). I don't get why that's such a big deal in some countries.

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