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joined Aug 6, 2013

OMG why is this so sad

joined Sep 21, 2014

fuck that was sad

joined Jun 21, 2015

Fucking depressing calls my therapist

joined Dec 27, 2015

Sad :'(

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joined Aug 31, 2017

Even after all these years I still don’t get the ending.

joined Apr 24, 2019

Why senpai had to leave

Black Lightning
joined Aug 17, 2019

Why the ending dohhh,I cried man ;( please one day suddenly they met again,I want to cry of joy

joined Oct 25, 2010

Izumi and Aya of the moon still love each other so much! I know that they will meet again one day — in Vic a different time and in a different world! They will meet and remain together forever!

joined Oct 25, 2010

I really like this story even if it is sad. Aya and Izumi will always be together even if it’s only through their hearts! One day they’ll be together again!

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