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OrangePekoe Staff
joined Mar 20, 2013

Page number 3. I demand more like this.

last edited at Oct 16, 2013 12:01AM

joined Jan 31, 2013

The eyes, I thought it was Namori...

EDIT: and they really are, apparently "Cover illustration: なもり"

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joined Jun 27, 2014

We need more Kuroko x Misaka (that isn't just sex).

joined May 24, 2014

What's with the flowers on her head? Is she a hippie?

joined Apr 20, 2013

Way too cute... like... Lvl 5! kind of cute

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joined May 24, 2014

Can anyone tell me what's up with the flowers in her head?

joined Apr 23, 2014

"Are you okay?"

I can't breath.

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