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joined Aug 9, 2013

Had a good laugh at this hahaha

joined Aug 9, 2013

What the hell, I cant appreciate how Youmo was taken out of the story so fast.

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This should be Marisa X Patchouli as well :3

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Oh wow, when I started reading this I didn't expect it to be the origin of that "I'm Patchouli the mage, everyone around me says I'm gloomy but I listen to hip-hop and stuff" meme.

joined Jul 1, 2020

I read that doujin some long time ago, but it was nice to give it another go! Only now I paid enough attention to notice what happened to Tewi (karma was pretty strict at her retribution) lol ...

Nekona Shirofumi
joined Mar 30, 2021

poor alice,poor evryone

joined May 16, 2021

That ending was a certified bruh moment right there

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