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joined Jul 16, 2013

She can sleep now, but at what cost?

joined Jul 6, 2020

this is all real, i was the older sister

joined Jan 11, 2014

Ree the absolute Nijiryo chad

joined Mar 26, 2021

Cute. This is canon to me.

joined Aug 16, 2020

I love this so much. I love the art style and the artist. I love the couple. I love the story.

joined Jan 22, 2022

so funny

joined Jun 22, 2022

Bocchi the Pokemon and Nijika flexing so hard her shirt sleeve rips apart were my favorite gags in the whole thing, but the general vibe was super sweet as well. A++.

joined Nov 18, 2021

Thank god for all these Nijiryo doujins. Absolutely love this so much.

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