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joined Jan 30, 2017

Really cute!

Hikari and Karen somehow don't get much doujin, even though they're supposed to be the main couple.

joined Sep 28, 2022

Karen being sure about hikari sticking around feels a bit dark considering how the movie starts lol

joined Sep 11, 2019

After the events in the movie where Hikari goes back to England without sayin Karen goodbye, i got this AU where Karen become a really famous japan actress but she is a Prima Dona, rude, selfish, etc, but everything began to change when Hikari is back from England, they start to connect, and fall in love again.
just want it to let it out, so i take this comment doujin section as a chance xd

joined Mar 19, 2022

HiKaren is the best

It would have been fun to see Hikari and Karen in the live stage rendition of Wartime of Farewells. Those Black Lion outfits and Sun Nation outfits are so good

joined Feb 17, 2019

Hikari has been awoken

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