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joined Jul 29, 2017

goddamnit Yuu, why are you being such a dense anime MC

Takasaki Reika
joined Mar 30, 2021

the usual dense MC

this is cute tho,thank you for the part C

joined Jun 1, 2016

Fitting this came on Ayumu's VA Agupon's birthday, who takes Ayumu role very seriously lol

joined Jan 27, 2019

Yu has to be a dense harem MC; it's in her contract.

Norainhere Uploader
joined Jun 27, 2014

Ayumu almost looks like she's in physical pain in the last panel; she's probably thinking something along the lines of "Oh my god, how can she be this dense." Which, well, is more or less what she said lol.

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I was screaming in my head, "That's my jam!" in Raven's voice.

joined Jan 15, 2017

sweet read, I felt very warm by the ambience.

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