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joined May 22, 2013

So this one is stalled, too?

MrEngenious Admin
Dynasty Scans
joined Oct 8, 2010

Probably. The two active groups for it clearly aren't touching it.

GendoIkari Uploader
joined Aug 10, 2011

No, the volume it is published in hasn't had a new release in a while, it doesn't look like the series is in the new issue, it is on indefinite hiatus in Japan.

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joined Jul 22, 2015

Sigh. Such a nice comic to be so unfinished.

joined Apr 20, 2015

I like this wish there was more BUT I CANT BELIVE THAT WAS A TRAP T-T

Best Mangaka Rohan
joined Dec 13, 2016

Utter shit garbage.

Thank god, this is on indefinite hiatus.

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joined Nov 7, 2015

We can only assume the author of Maria+Holic successfully sued.

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