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Yuri Project
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Could a friendly uploader add this series to their queue?

Release dates:

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I am hooked :| Thanks Yuri Project!

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Thank you!

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Oh!!! Shift!! Thankies!! XD

Kitsune Inari
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I was letting my mind drift and wondered... what if in this 'verse's future they manage to capture neuroi alive and somehow learn how to bred or clone them? They could cyborgize lobotomised neuroi giving them a cockpit with some kind of mind link, so that a witch can pilot them and... uh... sorry, I guess I've been reading too much Adeptus Evangelion lately ^^u

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Oh Perrine, how could you be hung up on Mio, who will never return your feelings when you have a cute subordinate would idolizes you and would no doubt let you 'shoot her down' every night without hesitation.

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Chapter 5 of page 14: I'm 99% sure Erica's official last name is spelled with two ns. It's fine, though--I understand that
ハルトマン (Ha - ru - to - ma - n) doesn't indicate that. Otherwise, woot 501st Joint Fighter Wing cameo!

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Laura getting drunk on soda.
That's one anime trope I'll never understand. How does one get drunk from drinking something that has no alcohol in it?

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"I will definitely protect, your future and your potential."

Freaking dust just has to got in my eyes!!!

OrangePekoe Staff
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Somebody from /a/ re-edited the first volume with tankobon scans. Quality is quite a bit higher, and so are the levels of lewd. Tags updated, maybe worth another look for the SW-crazed.

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Laura-san...didn't do anything in particular.

That's nice.

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So this has been bothering me for a while, but why do none of the girls in this universe wear pants? I can see why the witches wouldn't as it could interfere with the striker, but every non-witch really has no excuse. Or am I just missing it because my focus is elsewhere :)

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IIRC it started as a trend among girls who look up to the witches, and then got popular and spread.

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Chapter 13's Miyafuji cameo! I didn't know seeing the back of someone's head could put a smile on my face, aha.

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Chapter 14: Wow, the 501st was a team of aces? It's no wonder I thought the Isle of Wight witches were pretty incompetent compared to them. It was nice to experience some failures, at least!

I do think it's odd that Wilma recieved a letter from Amelie rather than Lynne though, especially because it centers around Gallia, but I suppose I can see the complications in if Humikane actually did something like that--newcomers who haven't be introduced to the main-main cast probably wouldn't understand a letter heavily referencing the 501st, aha.

One-Winged Witches was fun while it lasted!

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I find it incredible how a franchise so loaded with fanservice such as the Strike Witches' one can manage to touch me on a relatively deep emotional level most of the time :'>

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Is there an anime of this?

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