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Cute and lewd, good stuff <3
I lol'ed at Bath-Hitler XD

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Not bad.

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I only have one question; when did Maki button up her shirt?

Edit: Nevermind. I reread it, and it was only pushed up, not unbuttoned or removed.

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I was waiting for this to be translated. Thank you.

joined Sep 9, 2016

Maki looks like a prince in this.

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The dialogue is just weird af. This could have gone a different way a still would have been a lot better. Art looks amazing though.

TOTALLY LIKEY! LOVE stories like this! And NicoMaki too! >///<

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It'd been cool if one of the author's other doujins was translated (a cute NicoMaki futa doujin...) but that's just me.

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Been too long since the last Maki x Nico

A whole 8 days, I don't know how you managed.

It was a living hell, I assure you.

laughed my ass off at this

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wth is bath-hitler xD

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