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Evidently the artist is "Kuru" from the slice-of-life autobiographical comic, "SpringRoll's Daily Life"!

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anyone noticed the bear from Yuri Kuma Arashi? XD

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Haha pg 46 DISTRACTION TITS! Always works ;) love to see a continuation

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I bought this a day before it came out on dynasty and I only thought of comparing the original version with the english translation, and I gotta say, there are loads of better ways to translate certain sentences and phrases. The plot is pretty ... meh. The art is gorgeous though. But the lines would have flowed slightly better if the translations were different.

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This was great, loved the art and the badass protagonist. I hope we get more from this artist.

And then we did. Time to go read the season finale of Mage and Demon Queen >_>

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Not so bad, as the author made it so concise, the story is sounding meh, it would have been better as a short series with 2-5 chapters IMO. Nice one and fabulous art.

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I expected a twist, so the straightforward end felt like stumbling into a pothole. Maybe Nald Nobuzo's idea was cut down. The friend really was just a car salesman? Why that job? She had no ties to this case, other than happening to know some professional drivers and car thieves. If she was the assassin, or got in too deep as a middleman, it would make more sense than the clean-cut romance ending. Instead of one story we got a 3/4 baked investigation and 1/4 baked yuri love interest with unimportant connections.

The art by Color-LES was nice! Mage and Demon Queen has much improved art, and is very stylish, but I'm a sucker for the cool look.

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