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Yep i love the pairing with them! A lil sad story about the problems of being gay....

joined Jan 18, 2014

Less queer struggles; more queer snuggles!

my new motto

joined Jul 12, 2012

Less queer struggles; more queer snuggles!

I love everything about this.

joined Mar 13, 2014

With this, I realize I have no idea what the difference between ecchi and NSFW is.

joined Apr 1, 2013

So... Honoka is saying in the beginning that she's falling more and more in love with Tsubasa but this does seem like an error of translation if you follow the story. She actually makes her confession later.
Beside, I agree they feel out of character somehow but it still made a nice story.

joined Jul 20, 2018

Very Ggood story, thanks

joined Apr 12, 2018

Less queer struggles; more queer snuggles!

Quoted for truth

joined Aug 28, 2018

I counted at least two, but does anyone else see any more honoka poses drawn from the anime?

p6 = episode 8, eating burgers with Eli, Nozomi and Rin
p20 = S2 episode 12 honoka's encore reaction

joined Apr 6, 2020

i never actually thought about this ship existing. lol i'm so old.

joined Jan 11, 2019

Best ship YES YES YES

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