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I feel like the transition from 'just a thought' to 'an actual scenario' wasn't properly executed. So when it happened I was confused, I wasn't sure if that particular scene was real or not.

I daresay this is what the author was aiming at. Torii was so caught up in her fantasies that when it actually happened for a moment she didn't know what was real anymore. Torii's confused. We're confused. That's Nakatani Nio for you.

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While the story does have some pacing issues, I personally think it's to be expected of a one-shot. Most of the romance one-shots I've seen capture a small moment in time, and at the very least, you see a sense of development here.

At the start, Torii more or less took it as a given that Kai would simply agree to hang out with her, and got bitter when her offer was refused. When they do become closer, it's because Kai was there for Torii for several difficult months, having put in the effort to develop a relationship.

As for Kai, she admits later on that she'd probably gotten a bit too invested in the piano, and didn't originally understand her teacher's advice to go to a non-music school until after spending a few months without being able to play.

It might have been nice if this had been a short series, maybe a single manga volume worth of chapters, but the one-shot gets its point across fairly well.

As for the accident, the previous two cases of Torii imagining Kai's hands being injured immediately snapped back to reality, clearly showing that they're fantasies. When Kai's hand hits the side mirror, the next scene shows that it really is happening, and Torii realizes she didn't want it to happen.

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Shout out to Nevri who help me find this! Been looking for it for a while now~
It was short but sweet, nothing wrong with that~ I could see it becoming something really good if it was expanded upon. But as a one-shot it gets the jobb done.~

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The finger kiss at the end was too cute

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Seems like the consensus on this isn't too positive, but I freaking love it. Nakatani Sensei's art style is so expressive, I feel like everything that goes unsaid from the short length is made up for in the expressions, I feel like I can really see the pain after her injury, in both of them, and the repentance for her wishes, and the love growing in their eyes. Idk, I thought this one was beautiful.

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page 20 is truly a wound at best. this one shot's set up is really compelling, and couldn't be told within a one shot. a two or three shot might have been the way. still good but so unlike nakatani nio's other works. mangled to fit the wrong format.

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I like the base concept behind this but yeah, wow, way too rushed and the incredibly short page count couldn't let it air out properly. Oh well.

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