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Finally what I've been waiting for.

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Uncensored, huh? That's rare.

Fakku has uncensored hentai. Even some Yuri.

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Zanka has been posting explict work in their pixivFanbox since October. It's only now that we are getting it out in the open. They have nudity for their other works too.

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Lastpersimmondrops posted:

dynasty-scans is littered with the ruins of "pure" yuri mangas who thought they would fend off sex scenes forever.

If Sensei ever decides to end this magmun opus I hope it goes out with lovely hentai chapters for each couple.


I wonder why there's no actual nudity anymore in this series. Did they ever say why? I've just been curious for quite a while now but didn't know if I should here, as some might not like that. But I mean, this series did have nudity in the earlier chapters, so it's not like that should be controversial right?

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Zanka posts extra pages for this on pixivFANBOX. These pages are R-18 btw. Nips and all. Zanka said that is where they will post Yuri manga for adults which are difficult to post on Twitter.

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Reading this thread, it's gross how many people think cheating is okay if your partner 'deserves' it. Why can't people just break up if a relationship isn't working for them?

I agree.

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So this is where all Torajirou's thirst went after Virgin's Empire started getting cleaner.

Why did it get cleaner?