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Also known as Okujou no Yurirei-san

Summer Recipes by Peg released Mar 22 '17 Aki x Youka Ano x Yuna Kiri x Tsukuyo
AnoYuna by Siye released Feb 21 '17 Ano x Yuna Yuri
Chibi Ichiki by Mukiki released Oct 29 '16 Comedy Full color Moe up the butt No text Sasa x Umi Very large size gap Wishful thinking Yuri
Let's celebrate Princess Fuji's birthday! by Mukiki released Oct 3 '16 Ano x Hina Ano x Nena Ano x Yuna Full color Yuri
Recipes for Two by Peg released Aug 23 '16 Matsuri x Miyu Yuri
Happy Birthday, Seina by Mukiki released May 1 '16 Comedy Miki x Seina Yuri
Happy Birthday, Yuna by Mukiki released May 1 '16 4-koma Comedy Hina x Yuna Spoilers Yuri
YuriRei Collection by Mukiki released Apr 18 '16 Animal ears Comedy Hina x Yuna Megumi x Sachi Read left to right Spoilers Yuri
Hello Melancholic by Mikanuji and Yanagi Hareta released Mar 15 '16 Hina x Yuna Moderate amounts of sex NSFW Spoilers Yuri
Yuna Ano - A Dreamlike Reality by Mochiko released Mar 15 '16 Ano x Yuna Blushing Comedy Lots of kissing Wishful thinking Yuri
Useless Lesbians by olee released Mar 7 '16 Comedy Read left to right Sasa x Umi Yuri
SasaUmi Cuddling by Codeyamada released Aug 12 '13 No text Sasa x Umi Yuri