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Tenshi in BecomeFumo by LiD Touhou Project Doujin released Oct 23 '21 Chibi Comedy
Story of an Exiled Villainess Possessed by the Soul of an Isekai Reincarnation by sometime Original Doujin released Jul 3 '21 Fantasy Possession
My Friendship Route With the Villainess by Hoshina Satoya and Taikoban released Jan 26 '21 Drama Fantasy Het Historical Villainess
My Best Friend's Engagement was Annulled. I Need To Do My Best To Stop It! ...But I Was The Reason Behind It... by Wani and naturalsoft released Dec 12 '20 Bisexual Childhood friends Fantasy Het Insane Amounts of Title Polyamory Villainess Yuri
The Heroine's Capture Target is... by Kawano Akiko and yui/south² released Nov 2 '20 Childhood friends Historical Villainess Yuri
A Goddess' Blessing and a Convenient Life in Another World by Yuu Nonaka released Apr 13 '20 Age gap Elf Fantasy Marriage Tsundere Yuri
Freeloading Demon Lord by Takeshima Eku released Jun 8 '19 Dark skin Demon Fantasy School girl Tsundere Yuri
The Fourth Heroine by Acchi Ai released Oct 20 '18 Big breasts Comedy Ecchi Harem Het Kuudere Parody School life Yuri
World of Yuri by Harumachi Tsurara Original Doujin released Sep 2 '18 Animal ears BDSM Drama Elf Fantasy Harem Lots of sex Maid Mangaka NSFW Orgy School girl Toys Yuri