Wednesday's Wondrous Lunch by Taji Makoto

Also known as Suiyoubi no Trip Lunch and 水曜日のトリップランチ


Kishida, a serious office-worker who loves his job.
But every Wednesday at 12, his other job begins.

That is, to make lunch for Towa, an easy-going girl who often gets sucked into her work and forgets to eat.

Pancakes in Hawaii,
Steamed buns in a far-away nightlife,
On the way home from work, ramen and beer that make you smile.

Food meets wonderful situations.

Enjoying delicious food with you in the best places imaginable.
The story of a Wednesday that connects lunch and love!

Chapter 1: The Room Where a Magician Dwells released Nov 12 '20
Chapter 2: The Charm of an Aroma released Jun 13 '22