Nijipuri by Tachibana Ayun — Completed


On the last day of school, Mihane confesses to her senpai the long-term admiration she's had for her ever since they met, as well as tells her that she will try her best to enter Niji no Oka Girls' Academy next year, the school to which her Senpai is going to attend. Now, one year later, she's managed to pass the entrance exam to the prestigious school and is taking the bus to the school. Unfortunately, she takes the wrong bus, but encounters an interesting first-year girl, like her, that is also set to attend Niji no Oka Academy.

Volume 1
Chapter 1: Beginnings are always "that"? released Oct 17 '09
Chapter 2: He lies to these eyes released Oct 22 '09
Chapter 3: The battle (?) is on Sunday released Oct 30 '09
Chapter 4: 1/2 true feelings released Jan 4 '10
Chapter 5: Revolution Now released Jan 26 '10
Chapter 6: Yes! Study once more. released Jul 27 '10
Volume 2
Chapter 7: The Odd Couple released Feb 5 '11
Chapter 8: Be My Senbei released Feb 5 '11 NSFW
Chapter 9: Come, Rice War released Feb 5 '11
Chapter 10: Take the Win Using Love released Feb 5 '11 Food
Chapter 11: Aah, Summer Vacation released Feb 5 '11 Beach NSFW Swimsuits
Chapter 12: Happiness? Fun? I Like Being a Sadist! released Feb 5 '11 Abuse Het Stalking Tsundere
Volume 3
Chapter 13: Put Jealousy to Sleep released Feb 5 '11
Chapter 14: The Angel With Broken Wings released Feb 5 '11
Chapter 15: The Image of an Unforeseen Future released Feb 5 '11 Older than she looks
Chapter 16: The Image of an Unforeseen Future II released Feb 5 '11 Incest Older than she looks
Chapter 17: Don't Leave Mihane released Feb 5 '11 NSFW
Chapter 18: Don't Say Goodbye released Feb 5 '11
Chapter 19: If I Become a Rainbow released Feb 5 '11