Nightingale and the Rose by Wang Yuanlian — Ongoing


One day, streamer Bai Xinxin is transmigrated into the king's daughter, Bai Yueguang, of the suspense game "Nightingale and the Rose". But everyone in this game is hell-bent on killing Bai Yueguang, and Lan Sha—who is controlled by the player—is the only one who can protect her. Whilst fighting for her life against enemies known and unknown, in her struggle to survive from people with yandere levels of jealousy, from the killing intent emanating

Raws on Bilibili:

Chapter 0: Prologue released Sep 5 '21
Chapter 1: So, are you prepared to die? released Oct 3 '21
Chapter 2: As virtuous as the Virgin Mary herself released Oct 3 '21
Chapter 3: The very first Bad Ending released Oct 3 '21
Chapter 4: I'll just have to be the most villainous of them all! released Oct 5 '21
Chapter 5: Am I even the female lead now!? released Oct 5 '21
Chapter 6: Lan Sha, you're the smartest! released Oct 5 '21
Chapter 7: Me? Accusing you without reason? released Oct 5 '21
Chapter 8: Capturing our lovers' hearts with food! released Oct 6 '21
Chapter 9: Don't be scared. I'm here for you. released Oct 6 '21
Chapter 10: The Black Prince's invitation released Oct 7 '21