Mononoke Sharing by Cool Kyoushinsha — Ongoing


Because of her family's poverty Yata, a high school student, was searching for a really cheap lodging. And she found it in a certain shared-house type apartment.
Each of the residents of which happened to be, surprise-surprise, some kind of demon (with big mammaries also)! And so the story of a bit lewd, sometimes bizarre and often noisy cohabitation of Yata and others at human world, receiving those big-breasted demon-girls trying to fit in, is getting started!..

Volume 1
Chapter 1: The Story of Trash released Oct 13 '15
Chapter 2: The Beginning of the Story released Oct 27 '15
Chapter 3: Yata's Story released Nov 7 '15
Chapter 4: The Story of Boobs released Nov 24 '15
Chapter 5: Youko's Story released Dec 4 '15 Het NSFW
Chapter 6: Yuki's Story released Dec 9 '15 Yuri
Chapter 7: Kuro's Story released Dec 18 '15
Chapter 8: Bath Story released Dec 25 '15 Bath NSFW
Chapter 9: Supporter of the Household released Mar 6 '16
Chapter 10: Pool Story released Mar 27 '16 Het NSFW Swimsuits
Chapter 11: Festival Story released Apr 17 '16 Yuri
Volume 2
Chapter 12: Story of House Hunting released Jun 30 '16
Chapter 13: Story of Selfies released Sep 7 '16 NSFW
Chapter 14 released Jan 12 '17 Lots of hugging Sleeping Yuri