Keep an eye on you by HongTou Mo, Ju Ji She, and Mi Li — Ongoing


A mystery murder case shatters Lan Zhiqing's serene and blissful life into pieces. The past she has long forgotten returns in the form of a nightmarish case, encroaching ever the closer... Shocked, Lan Zhiqing discovers that the most dangerous existence may just be the person she shares a bed with.

Chapter 0: Prologue: To Love Me, or To Kill Me released Oct 14 '22
Chapter 1: Nightmare released Feb 9 '23
Chapter 2: Trigger released Apr 16 '23 Guro Violence
Chapter 3: I want to discover the truth released Oct 1 '23
Chapter 4: Love is Blind released Oct 1 '23
Chapter 5: Conjectures and the Media released Oct 2 '23
Chapter 6: You and I have no need for distinction released Oct 5 '23
Chapter 7: Doubts and Suspicions released Oct 5 '23
Chapter 8: Unwavering Belief released Oct 5 '23
Chapter 9: Scattered Memories released Oct 28 '23 Abuse
Chapter 10: Which is the better choice released Nov 19 '23
Chapter 11: Were you looking forward to it that much? released Nov 19 '23
Chapter 12: Dream released Nov 27 '23