Anko-san of the Deep-Sea Fish by Inuinu — Completed and Not Updated


Fish people have been welcomed to the town where the human girl Wakasa Otomi lives, and they are integrating well. The fish people can be identified by the physical marks of their fish species, though they take medicine to keep their lower bodies human rather than a fish tail. Otomi loves fish people, and is eager to meet as many as she can! One day, she meets a new transfer student, a lantern fish girl named Tsutsumi Anko. Anko is a bit self-conscious about being a deep sea fish, with a tail that is not cute like some other fish girls. At school, she and Anko deal with various fish problems that intersect with issues an ordinary human high-schooler would face.

This series is currently completed and can be read on Mangadex.

Volume 1
Chapter 1: I am a Deep-sea Fish released Sep 9 '14
Chapter 2: From Eel with Love released Sep 9 '14 Dark skin Het
Chapter 3: Anko-san's Needle-ss Fight! released Sep 9 '14
Chapter 4: Rest in Mola released Sep 9 '14 Nosebleed
Chapter 5: Lonely Toxic Transfer Student released Sep 9 '14
Chapter 6: Mermaid Morning released Sep 9 '14
Chapter 7: Tropical Fish Assault released Nov 20 '14
Chapter 8: Carnivorous Fish Blues released Dec 12 '14
Chapter 8.5: Samejima After released Dec 12 '14
Volume 2
Chapter 9: My Heart Is Summer released Sep 3 '15 Nosebleed Swimsuits
Chapter 10: The Two of the Mountain Stream released Sep 10 '15
Chapter 11: We Met a Bear released Oct 7 '15 Bears
Chapter 12: Mermaid Night released Oct 7 '15 Bath Ecchi
Chapter 13: Let's Go To School released Jan 20 '16 Butts
Chapter 14: Wake Up the Hero released Feb 21 '16
Chapter 15: Ofuro Free For All released Aug 29 '16 Bath Ecchi
Volume 3
Chapter 16: Secret Triangle released Dec 30 '16
Chapter 17: Mermaids are God's Art released Jul 29 '17
Chapter 18: Starting an Idol's Life from the Bottom released Mar 19 '18 Idol
Chapter 19: The Tropical Fish's Weekend released May 6 '18