Angel Ranch by Hattori Masahiko — Ongoing

Also known as Tenshi no Bokujo


With match's return to the illustrious hardcore porn magazine Comic ExE comes another three-part, high-stakes yuri story...

Welcome to Saint Basileia, a campus for producing and raising genetically superior human beings! It's here where sacred and profane lineages are curated and one's worth is determined by genes alone. At the top of this hierarchy are the students clothed all in white who contain within them the lineages of angels and saints, androgynous beings called "Nephilim." It is the duty of the other students to provide them with daily care and genetic material to ensure the continuation and perfection of these lines.

It is here that Ukyo, a girl from a Basileia feeder orphanage, is accepted despite her comparatively low genetic worth. She's assigned to care for the rambunctious 13th incarnation of Maria, but a young woman raised in an orphanage is no stranger to problem children!

A fair warning of sci-fi eugenics and dubious consent across the board for this story. Tags will be updated as chapters are released.

Chapter 1 released Oct 31 '22 Reversal Spanking Watersports